1 Million Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablets Sold in 2 Months: Pretty Good for a So-called Non-tablet OS Version

I’m still waiting for a WiFi-only model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android-powered tablet to appear. And, even then, I’m waffling on whether I will actually buy one when it appears. But, it looks like one million people felt neither the need to wait or waffle in the two months since the 3G model’s launch.

Update: Galaxy Tab sales hit 1M mark (ComputerWorld)

That is very impressive for a tablet that doesn’t seem to be advertised on TV, have a destination retail store like the Apple Store, or a cult of personality surrounding Steve Jobs and Apple.

If it can maintain this sales rate, that translates to 6 million over a 12 month period. Of course, Samsung’s goal is to accelerate this sales pace. So, their target is probably around 10 million, or more, units. Other manufacturers (Acer, Asus, etc.) have been reported to say that Android OS 2.2 (the current platform release) is not suitable for tablets. Will Samsung’s success with the tab change their mind?