1 in 4 Smartphone Users Store Intimate Photos on Their Mobile

A recent survey from software security specialists, AVG Technologie, reveals that 25% of smartphone and tablet users store intimate photos or videos on their devices. The press release shows that users are embracing technological advances for photos and videos, while still citing lack of security for every day uses like shopping and banking.

J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies on this security dichotomy:

This survey has clearly demonstrated that there is confusion in the minds of consumers about what is and isn`t safe or sensible to do with a mobile device. It is already limiting the appeal of mobile shopping, banking and ticketing, and this is in turn hampering the industry`s efforts to drive new innovations and monetization methods. At the same time, millions of consumers are exposing themselves to risk of personal and professional embarrassment by storing sensitive images on their devices.

While businesses are working to build up consumer confidence, users who do store private photos on their phone might want to know that there are ways to keep those sexy things safe. For example, if you lose your phone you can remotely delete those intimate photos. There are also great apps that can help you keep private photos away from unfamiliar users. Hide it Pro is a great example that can stow away your data so you can easily hand off your device to a friend without getting embarrassed about your personal photos.