1-800-Flowers Didn’t Feel the Love on Valentine’s Day

Social media management trainwreck.

To be fair, much of the country was experiencing rather severe winter weather this Valentine’s Day, and flowers don’t generally like the cold. But even frigid temperatures can’t quite account for the myriad complaints lobbed in 1-800-Flowers’ direction this past weekend.

According to angry customers on social media, some flowers arrived very dead (like, so dead they belonged in the Valentine’s Day movie of Tim Burton’s nightmares); some gifts arrived in a state laughably different from what was advertised, and others never arrived at all.

We’ve posted a few examples below, but Buzzfeed has a larger collection if you’re morbidly curious…

1-800-Flowers Spent Another Valentine_s Day Having A Miserable Time On Social Media-1

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1-800-Flowers Spent Another Valentine_s Day Having A Miserable Time On Social Media

The weather — terrible though it may be — cannot account for impotent automated responses to customer complaints like these.

The good news, however, is that while some people gave up while waiting for a real-life human being, those who stuck it out were actually able to achieve some satisfaction.

Take this one for example:

Jeremey Rodriguez (@mountaingoat99) | Twitter

This same person later tweeted that the company had explained the problem (an out-of-state florist, apparently), and gave him full credit.

Super-patient customers did have their issues resolved…after the automated responses and hours spent in customer service purgatory.

Maybe next year the company will have a larger staff on hand to more effectively deal with this sort of thing. After all, the majority of Twitter responses from 1-800-Flowers seem to have come from “AJ,” “Janet,” and “Heather,” all of whom must still be nursing some shell shock.