1-2-3-4 Staffer Fired Over Funky Floor

Twitter has had an unmistakable impact on the English language.  Since its launch, words such as ‘tweeps,’ ‘twitosphere,’ and ‘twitterati’ have become part of everyday diction.  But today we learned a new phrase: twunemployment line.  And that’s exactly where CQ Roll Call’s Subi Issa landed after twiticizing the newsgroup’s smelly kitchen floor.  According to sources familiar with the situation, Issa, a three-year vet of the organization’s Ad Operations team, was canned on Tuesday when HR caught wind (pun intended) of this tweet:

“Asked HR how long the stench of flooring chemicals would linger + all they did was assure me it’s EcoFriendly. #AnswerTheDamnQuestion.”

Allegedly Issa was fired up about an offensive chemical odor funking up her workspace – the stench of an institutional gray kitchen floor that was recently installed in the office.  When presented with the tweet, CQRC brass decided Issa’s twattitude reeked way more than their funky floor so they showed her the door.

HR declined to comment on the issue, saying only “unfortunately, Roll Call does not discuss personnel matters.”  When reached for his take on the matter, Coolio said “1-2-3-4 better not tweet that stank-ass floor.”