02138 The Lost Issue Now Available Online

01238gg.pngDigital magazines are all the rage it seems, or at least a popular sort of print lifeboat. Last week we told you that the New Yorker is now offering up a digital version to subscribers and now 02138, the Harvard magazine has followed suit. Sort of. You will recall that 02138, the magazine, which takes its name from Harvard’s zip code and was headed up by former New York Presser David Blum folded a few weeks ago — on the first of many black Fridays to follow — before its inaugural relaunch issue made it to press. Well the magazine, redesigned by Pentagram’s Luke Hayman, is now available in a digital edition and alas, it looks pretty good.

According to the accompanying blog:

The team looked at 1960s magazines like Town and Look for inspiration, and typography and graphic elements of the new 02138 are traditional — to make it, literally, ‘old school’ — but in a way that plays off Harvard’s perceived stuffy, clubby and elitist attitude.

The increasingly bad print world news of the last two weeks sort of gives “old school” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? Anyway, check-out the online version here.