“Who Else Will Be There?” — A Social Service For Hostel Goers

Hostel reservation website GoMIO is helping travelers make friends with its new Facebook-integrated app "Who Else Will Be There?". Users can plan excursions and make plans long before they meet in person.

GoMIO, a hostel booking service for backpackers and budget travelers, has released a Facebook integrated social app on its website meant to help travelers connect with one another and make new friends – months before they arrive at their destination.

Ask any backpacker and they’ll usually tell you the best part about staying in a hostel is meeting other travelers to explore and share memories with. Meeting people however, can sometimes be daunting and for introverts it can be down right difficult, especially if you’re traveling alone. GoMIO aims to change that with the launch of “Who Else Will Be There?”, an app that lets you become Facebook friends before you become real-life friends.

Also known as TravAmigos, you can find out who you’ll be staying with and get to know your fellow hostellers long before you leave home. By the time you’ve arrived, you’ll have already had opportunity to get acquainted with some of your travel buddies and have someone to check out new sights with and experience new things. Want to find someone to explore that ship museum with in Barcelona? Drop a line to few travelers and find out if you have like-interests.

To get started, all travelers have to do is make their hostel reservations on the GoMIO website. Then they can choose to sign-in via Facebook Connect and once confirmed, they can quickly see who else will be there on the same dates and contact each other by sending a message or friend request.