‘The Social Network’ Trailer Now Available

Following up on a couple cryptic clips, Columbia Pictures yesterday released a full-length trailer for “The Social Network,” the unauthorized movie about Facebook’s early years.

The new trailer also has lots of dramatic words and images, like the clips, mostly of people using Facebook, but it includes scenes from across the span of the movie. Set over a slow choral version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” the movie footage shows actor Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg, starting with his time as a student Harvard and ending with what promises to be a dramatic finale at Facebook’s former headquarters in downtown Palo Alto. The overall mood is surprisingly dark, as many are noting, considering that the story is about the web software business.

The Los Angeles Times points out that “The Social Network,” directed by David Fincher (“Se7en,” “Fight Club,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) and written by Aaron Sorkin (“A Few Good Men” and “The West Wing”), is actually a lot more than a movie. Although the movie is based on “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich and premieres in October, the film will likely be used as ammunition in a vigorous public debate about online privacy.

“The Social Network” will probably serve as a stimulus to discuss the hot-button issue. This is evident in the way the film’s being treated on the movie circuit, as The New York Film Festival will feature the film as its opening night movie.