‘One Day On Earth’ Shares Ridley Scott’s Vision To Document Life In A Day

Last week, YouTube introduced Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald’s ‘Life in a Day’ project, which plans to create a documentary entirely from footage shot and submitted to YouTube by people from around the globe on the date of July 24, 2010. However, the idea behind ‘Life in a Day’ is not a new one. Grassroots film project, ‘One Day On Earth’, has been working on a similar initiative since September of 2008. ‘One Day On Earth’ plans to create their own documentary film to serve as a time capsule, sharing videos and perspectives from people around the globe on 10/10/10.

‘One Day On Earth’ has a similar mission to the recently announced ‘Life in a Day’ project on YouTube. However, the grassroots film project has been promoting and preparing for the day of shooting on October 10 for nearly two years, whereas YouTube has given users less than a month to prepare for the day of shooting on July 24. Kyle Ruddick, the founder and director of the ‘One Day On Earth’ project told me via email that “Much of [YouTube’s] project emulates our marketing and creative in place since 2008, but our execution is based in a grass roots community and the end result will be different.”

The time that ‘One Day On Earth’ has spent promoting the project and recruiting collaborators from all over the world should result in quite a diverse and interesting documentary. In a press release shared with me by Brandon Litman, one of Ruddick’s producing partners, the goals behind the project are described:

“If you had 24 hours to capture your world on film, how would it look? The One Day on Earth project, started in September 2008, plans to have this question answered by tens of thousands of filmmakers worldwide. They are inviting global citizens everywhere to tell the story of their world during the 24-hour period of Oct. 10, 2010. Filmmakers will be able to share their videos and perspectives from 10/10/10 on www.onedayonearth.org.

“The project is free and open to all people, cultures, beliefs and nationalities. More than 2,600 participants in 150 countries have signed up to contribute. Participants range from teenagers that will shoot on their cell phones, to Academy Award-nominated documentarians that film with hi-end HD cameras, to humanitarian aid workers in some of the most remote regions of the world.”

‘One Day On Earth’ is working with educators to use the project to help teach media literacy to students in third world countries, and “One Day on Earth is [also] working with the United Nations, dozens of non-profit organizations, and NGOs to contribute clips that document important social issues impacting the global community.” The project is clearly focused on creating a picture of the entire world, including underdeveloped regions, and creating a thorough archive of a day in the life of the entire world.

‘One Day On Earth’ participants will be able to submit their content through an uploader on the One Day on Earth website. The website serves as the interaction site for all players involved in creating the ‘One Day on Earth’ documentary. Each person involved has their own profile page, may contact other members through wall posts, messages and groups, and will be able to comment and interact with uploaded video clips. Additionally, you can see from the interactive map on the site’s homepage exactly where in the world the different participants are located. Footage will be edited into a feature length film, and all uploaded 10/10/10 clips will be archived to serve as a time capsule where they can be searched for years to come, keeping a permanent record of 10/10/10 for years to come.

‘One Day on Earth’ sounds like an incredibly cool initiative and it will be interesting to see how it compares to Ridley Scott’s ‘Life in a Day’ project, once both feature documentaries are completed. I really like the time capsule mentality with which ‘One Day on Earth’ is approaching their project and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Will you participate in the ‘One Day on Earth’ project? What aspect of your life would you want to share with the future in a video time capsule?