Zoosk Puts Go Daddy to Shame With Even Gnarlier Kissing Ad

That frog is not much of a prince

Jesse Heiman kissing God's hands—aka, Bar Refaeli's lips—for Go Daddy on the Super Bowl was one thing. Nasty, yes, but not bestial. For the latter, we turn to Zoosk, the dating site previously best known for its lecherous heart-puppet slobbering on a laptop. This new spot takes shock-kissing to a whole new level, as the girl (after a long pause to get up her courage) sloppily makes out with a frog, who unfortunately never turns into a prince. (The thing looks real, too.) It's certainly appalling, but I'd take issue with the direction given to the actress. Wouldn't it be better if she were loving every second of kissing Swamp Thing rather than looking utterly disgusted? See, Go Daddy knew what it was doing after all.

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