Zombies: deadly agents of climate change

The inescapable advertising blitz for Resident Evil: Extinction has left me with one big question: Why would Las Vegas be buried under sand within a few years of a zombie outbreak? (Watch the sand-stuffed trailer here.) I’m not the only blogger who’s posed this question, and most responses are along the lines of this charmer: “Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, numbnuts.” But if you’ve been to Vegas, I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen small piles of sand gathering on street corners. Nor have you seen brigades of city sand collectors roaming the streets to keep nature at bay. In fact, when there is sand in Las Vegas, it’s imported from China like everything else. Maybe zombies exacerbate climate change? Or maybe it’s just in their nature, as my favorite commenter supposes: “The real answer is actually that zombies love burying stuff. If you had a zombie, and gave him a shovel, he would bury himself.”

—Posted by David Griner