Zippo’s banners too hot for neighboring ads


These Zippo banners by Brunner are hot. Ha-ha-ha! I don’t get it. Anyway, Brunner created fake banners to place above Zippo lighters, and had the actors in them react to the heat of the flame below. See the ads in action here, here and here. A woman in one starts stripping—because sex sells, baby! Sorry, I just watched Mad Men, and I can’t stop talking like that. Still, it fits, because Zippo would’ve been big in the early ’60s. Did JFK light his cigars with one? Let’s just say he did. The guys in two other Zippo banners keep their clothes on—because it’s a man’s world, baby! Sorry, I’ve been doing that all day. My officemates are so sick of it. Who cares—I’m on fire, baby! No, really, they just set my shoes on fire. Thanks for ruining my day, Zippo.

—Posted by David Gianatasio