Zachary Quinto, Thespian and Traitor, Joins Newcastle’s ‘Independence Eve’ Campaign

And Stephen Merchant on his shaggable accent

UPDATE: Two videos with Elizabeth Hurley are now live, too. See below.

There's no way more American to celebrate the Fourth of July than selling out your country for an English beer, says Newcastle.

The Heineken-owned brand, brewed in Britain, and ad agency Droga5 continue their deft efforts to troll Independence Day, now with videos featuring Pittsburgh-born actor Zachary Quinto, pitching "Newport [sic] Brown Ale, the most American of non-American beers."

It's ballsy for any marketer to pay talent to purposefully mangle its name in an ad. But it's also very much in keeping with the self-deprecating tone of Newcastle's "If We Won" campaign, introduced by Stephen Merchant, and soon to present Elizabeth Hurley.

Overall, the tongue-in-cheek fantasy about how great America would be if Britain had won the Revolutionary War works pretty well, in large part because the brand is so happy to skewer itself—and the tagline's totally absurd premise—along with the U.S.

"There'd be crumpets," says the voiceover in another spot. "Also, we would have imprisoned the Founding Fathers, stripped Patriot supporters of their property and possessions and ruled your nation with an increasingly tyrannical hand. But just think … crumpets."

The brand also has posted a new ad with Merchant riffing on the perks of a British accent. Additional sans-celebrity spots focus on Mount Rushmore, Prohibition and yellow cabs. As in so much great comedy, though, the funniest bits are the most surprisingly honest ones—try the take on English vs. American muffins.

Plus, there's always the added entertainment of the most jingoistic YouTube commenters playing right into the brand's hands by flying off the wall over the perceived diss. Because, you know, in case you didn't get the memo … Britain didn't win.