Zach Braff is asking you to drink the water

Whom would you choose to be the voice of water? Pur Water Filtration Systems has gone with Zach Braff. In a trippy new campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day, the scruffy actor says things like, "I’m water. I shouldn’t be trapped in a bottle. I’ve got things to do. Trees to grow. Thirsts to quench." Well, he was on Scrubs, and scrubbing is water related. Plus, Braff often looks like he could use a bath. Still, the concept sounds more like a method-acting exercise ("OK, you’re water. Happy water! Now … sad water!") than a marketing strategy. Eric Yaverbaum, co-founder of Tappening, gets all lathered up talking about the Pur ads in Brandweek: "The bottled water backlash is hitting a fever pitch." Yeah, it’s a major election-year issue, if Tappening’s pro-tap-water campaign can be believed. I think they’ve been listening a bit too closely to what they’re faucets have to say. Most of us prefer a more common-sense approach: If there’s something in the water and it starts talking, just get out of the house!

—Posted by David Gianatasio