Y&R ads put Craftsman tools through ringer

Some men are manly men—macho dudes who love nothing more than meeting up with buddies and playing around with their … tools. Cue Craftsman, which had Y&R Chicago assemble the pair of clips below, showing "stress tests" performed on its drills, hammers and other manly products. In one video, guys demolish an old station wagon with sledgehammers and such. Bang! Clang! Bam! Manly sounds indeed. In a second spot, they drop a power drill off a building. It's duct-taped to a department-store mannequin at the time. It's not all that manly, but it is kinky and surreal, thanks to the dummy. And I'm referring to the lug-nut who dreamed up the idea. He must tell some wrenching tales in therapy. The mannequin in the spot seems almost noble as it falls. Those guys, however, behave like a pack of hammerheads. What tools!

—Posted by David Gianatasio