This is your toilet speaking

It’s rare for a talking toilet to be amusing. But in the latest spots for Ace Hardware, troubled parts of the home—such as the toilet and the leaky plumbing—nag so much that they provide some solid entertainment. In “Plumbing Repair,” a man named Tim has his toilet inform him of some leaking, and tells him not to just jiggle the handle: “Oldest trick in the book,” it says. The toilet continues to bother Tim in his mind, all day, on the bus and during a meeting at work, until he goes to Ace to buy some new parts and fix it. In a newer spot, the needy plumbing is replaced with a similarly sarcastic broken wall, who informs its owner that it can’t fix itself. “I’m just a wall,” it says. I suppose the message is, if your home repairs are talking to you, better seek help—but only from Ace Hardware.

—Posted by Celeste Ward