Your guilty news pleasure just got guiltier

Fox News Channel should hire Robert Greenwald already. Maybe then he’d shut up about how much he hates Rupert Murdoch’s news operations. Greenwald’s current salvo,, shows some legitimate production skills and a real eye for detail. With its multimedia presentation of bikini-clad bodies, snappy graphics and news feeds (the crawl up top is sharp!), it doesn’t differ that much from the real thing. Greenwald says it’s all part of a campaign to get advertisers to bail by likening Fox to the porn industry. This strategy is flawed in several ways. First, most people don’t mind a little porn every now and then. Also, we already know Fox is evil, but there’s no way we’re clicking over to CNN for Lou Dobbs’s tired rants about border security. What’s he got against Canadians anyway? What?! He’s talking about a different border? There’s more than one now? I can’t believe foxnewsporn missed the story.

—Posted by David Gianatasio