Is Your Dog or Cat Out Chasing Tail? Try These Pet Condoms.

And no, they're not real

Got a pet on the prowl? Afraid Sparky's a sex addict? Then Animal Instinct Pet Condoms are for you. Too bad they're also fictional. Outdoor and online, the San Francisco SPCA is trolling people with the ridiculous concept of animal condoms to draw attention to the serious issue of pet overpopulation. When you try to dig deeper on the site to learn how to talk to your pet about protection, the site reminds you that the only real way to fix the problem is to spay and neuter. The fact is, of the 6 to 8 million pets that land in shelters each year, barely half are adopted. The rest get euthanized. So before the situation gets even more out of hand, go ahead and lop off Fido's joy berries. It's a lot easier than putting a rain jacket on his junk every time you go to the doggy park.