Your dog could be the next Old Navy pooch

MagicOld Navy wants to know, “Does your dog have what it takes to be Old Navy’s next star?” The budget retail chain is asking dog owners to submit photos and “personality profiles”of their canines online. The winning pooch will replace Magic, Old Navy’s last spokes-mutt, who appeared with the bespectacled “style icon” Carrie Donovan, actress Morgan Fairchild, and others in bizarre and campy Old Navy ads since 1995. His last commercial was in 2001, the company said, and his current whereabouts are unexplained. Is he picking through that big sale rack in the sky or just opting to "spend more time with family?" Either way, I wonder who could bear to enter their own beloved pet in this competition? Even if I still had my now-deceased Valentine—a tiny, white French Coton de Tulear—she would not be caught dead (pardon the expression, darling) hawking cheap-ass Old Navy clothing. Perhaps she would front D&G or Dior, but not a place that sells denim jackets and 6 for $10 cotton undies. Then again, Valentine was the most pampered dog ever. How else to explain why she lived until the ripe old age of 21?

—Posted by Celeste Ward