Your brain can be taught to enjoy Red Robin

Red Robin CMO Susan Lintonsmith clearly aced Psych 101 in college. "We realized Red Robin's popular mnemonic—'Yummm'—could function as a modern-day Pavlovian bell which, when sounded, would cause people to immediately think of our craveable gourmet burgers," she says, by way of introducing new ads from Periscope in Minneapolis. And sure enough, the people in the vaguely creepy ads do appear to be in the grip of some kind of mind control, uttering the words "Red Robin" and hearing a reply of "Yummm" from bystanders both human (babies, Scrabble opponents) and non-human (gas pumps, Bigfoot). I've been muttering "Red Robin" all day long, and all it gets me is confused stares. The wastebasket understands. See more ads after the jump.

—Posted by David Gianatasio