You’ll Nether Believe How Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Get So Stinky

Flatulent fruit infusion

And you thought beans were the musical fruit.

This memorable ad from BBH New York humorously suggests that Mr. Sketch scented markers get their smell from actual fruit farts—as we see a blueberry cutting a squeaker inside a fantastical Roald Dahl-esque odor-extraction lab.

The flavorful flatulence infuses one of the venerable Newell Rubbermaid brand's blue marker pens, and we're led to believe this same method applies to apple, raspberry, cherry, lemon and other scents in the Mr. Sketch line.

"We wanted a simple, entertaining concept that people would get right away," BBH group creative director Gerard Caputo tells Mashable. "And since the name of the product isn't intuitive to the benefit, we wanted to do a little education."

Smells like a gold Lion to me! At any rate, the ad should amuse kids of all ages, even if the pungent manufacturing process on display doesn't pass the smell test.