You will eat your high-fructose corn syrup!

Hfcs isn't nearly as titillating a Web site as the name might suggest. It's part of an effort by the Corn Refiners Association to promote high-fructose corn syrup. Health professionals have derided the stuff for years as being no healthier—or perhaps even more unhealthy—than cane-based sugar. Personally, I think any similarity to sugar is a selling point, but I had two Snickers and a Jolt for breakfast, so I'm hardly one to judge. The site features a commercial, also airing nationally, set at a kids' birthday party. Those youngsters seem pretty hopped up, running around and screaming like maniacs. Give 'em some more HFCS! Here's an old Chesterfield cigarette ad that seems to imply that smoking isn't so bad for your health. I wonder why I felt like including it. No offense intended to the corn lobby. In fact, I'd listen up and do whatever they say. Sure, they're on a high now, but they turn ornery and dangerous when the critics howl, the buzz fades and they start coming back down to earth.

—Posted by David Gianatasio