You Will Die, but the Stride Gum You’re Chewing Will Live On

This JWT spot uses gross-out humor to illustrate that Stride gum is ridiculously long lasting, even if those who chew it aren't. A woman brings home an urn containing her husband's remains. It falls from a shelf, and when the widow peers at the ashes on the floor, she sees a chewed stick of Stride. She promptly pops the wad in her mouth. A brand's got to urn that kind of devotion. Ha ha! OK, that joke was more vile than the ad, and so was the similarly themed Boost Mobile autopsy spot from a few years back, in which a guy drops his breakfast burrito inside a corpse then plucks it out and continues eating it. Still, this is pretty distasteful, too. And maybe there's some cause and effect here. Perhaps all that chewing killed the guy.