You’ve come a long way, maybe …

That wacky U.S. Congress has asked women’s magazine editors to quit running “misleading” tobacco ads. Of particular concern is R.J. Reynolds’ aggressive campaign for Camel No. 9 promoting the smokes as “light and luscious” in an attempt to appeal to young women. Since magazine editors have never been known to light up, and don’t mind losing paid advertising in the digital age, I’m sure they’ll rush to cooperate. Congress has threatened to enact legislation if the editors don’t respond. A bill outlawing magazine editors seems a bit extreme. Besides, would anyone notice? You can almost hear the collective dry hack of consternation and dismay rising from publisher’s row. Not that cigarettes are any worse for you than milk. A tobacco company came up with that notion, which was immediately dismissed and forgotten until this American Legacy Foundation ad, which makes me wonder if the claim might not be true. The effort supposedly tells the “Truth,” after all.

—Posted by David Gianatasio