You’ve been in advertising too long if …

1) You think Buddy Lee is a genius.
2) You confuse Pee-wee Herman with Pinky Lee.
3) You’ve actually worked at a Madison Avenue agency.
4) You wanted your Maypo long before teens wanted their MTV.
5) The 1959 Doublemint Twins saw you through puberty.
6) You learned rhyme schemes from Burma Shave’s serial roadside signs.
7) Your agency’s summer interns call you “Ma’am” or “Sir.”
8) You consider naming your daughter Madge as an homage to the Palmolive manicurist, not Madonna.
9) Your No. 1 pickup line to women at ad-industry gatherings is “I knew Leo Burnett” instead of “I know Alex Bogusky.”
10) You’re more Happy Days than That ’70s Show.

—Posted by Mike Yuhas