You’ll get stupid just watching these ads

Oh good, another top 10 list. (High Fidelity and real life are two halves of a Venn diagram for way too much of the Internet.) This time we get the supposed 10 best beer ads of all time. Cameltap, the decider, should be commended for picking a field of ads that illuminate just how stupid and insulting most beer advertising is. It’s one of the few arenas where depicting loyal consumers as irresponsible, meatheaded idiots is encouraged. The few exceptions include the Guinness “Brilliant!” spots, which buck tradition by portraying Irish cutouts as boneheads, rather than the Irish themselves, and the Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” series, which is at least inventive in its moron-ity. The Cameltappers link to both of those (Guinness is an honorable mention), so maybe they aren’t as dense as I thought. Of course, their opinion that beer ads are created by geniuses doesn’t do them any favors.

—Posted by David Kiefaber