You Know You Want This Chicken McNuggets Vending Machine Made of Legos

It beats another 3-D printer

Yet another Internet manchild fantasy has become reality, this time thanks to Astonishing Studios. Say hello to the DIY Chicken McNuggets Vending Machine, a fully functioning, miniaturized machine that dispenses boxes of McNuggets and dipping sauces via separate ports, and is small enough to fit on the average office desk. 

Oh, also, it's made entirely out of Legos.

The inevitable downside is that the machine holds only two four-piece boxes of McNuggets at a time and must be manually refilled, so you basically have to buy your fried white chicken pieces twice—once to stock your machine, and a second time to dispense them (use exact change; the machine will reject those lesser coins that you're always trying to get rid of). That's a pretty serious commitment to hipster-status nugget consumption. 

The real purpose of this thing, though, is to show off what Lego Mindstorms is capable of doing, and the YouTube video above explains its inner workings in great detail. Personally, we hope they build a time machine next, just so we can tell our 10-year-old selves what's waiting for them in the very near future. McNugget machines, for example.

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