You got your cheeseburger in my smoothie!

Jamba cheeseburger smoothie

McDonald's recently began selling fruit smoothies, a move that's clearly raising the hackles of folks at Jamba Juice. The chain has kicked off a satirical campaign promoting a new product line of cheeseburger smoothies in a not-so-subtle jab at "some burger chains getting into the smoothie business." It's pretty funny, but I doubt this will work. No matter what you think of the majority of McDonald's food, the burger behemoth has proven adept at moving into new markets with its salad lines and higher-quality coffee. McDonald's said Friday its second-quarter sales were up 12 percent from a year earlier, thanks in part to new menu items like smoothies. Plus, it is a positive development that McDonald¹s is diversifying its menu to include somewhat healthier items than, say, the 900-calorie McFlurry.