You could call this a snow job

Snowflake_2You’d think after all this time, AdFreak would be a little less shocked over shameless, degrading acts of promotion. But our inner child must still be living, because we found it absolutely pathetic to receive a release this morning from New York’s 5W Public Relations touting an interactive shop in Fort Lauderdale—the spin of the day being that because the company is not based in New York, its employees aren’t snowed in. Alert the media! Here’s a quote: “While the Fort Lauderdale locale did cause a problem with this fall’s Hurricane season, AgencyNet is yet another agency dispelling the notion that you need to be in the Big Apple to serve today’s big brands. Its clients frequently head down for strategy meetings, preferring 70-degree Florida winters to snow drenched New York City streets.” We could also question here about whether snow really drenches—we were under the impression that drenching was rain’s job—but whatever.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor