You can’t stop the ’stache, particularly when the ’stache is draining 3’s

Even if Gonzaga doesn’t win the NCAA men’s basketball championship, it can lay claim to the best March Madness slogan of the year: “You can’t stop the ’stache.” It’s a reference, of course, to Adam Morrison, the Gonzaga star who has a wispy mustache to go with his 1970s hairdo, liberal politics, love of Larry Bird and 30-points-per-game scoring average. It is indeed very difficult to stop the ’stache. The most you can do, really, is to try to contain the ’stache. The ’stache scored 35 points against Xavier in the first round and 14 points against Indiana in the second round. Next up for the ’stache: a Sweet Sixteen matchup with UCLA.

—Posted by Tim Nudd