You can get it, but it’ll cost ya

Satellite_1Et tu, Snoop?

Is nothing sacred—or for that matter, free—anymore? Looking at the headlines this week makes it clear that, increasingly, good content comes with a hefty price tag, with satellite being the darling of the moment.

First, Sirius Satellite Radio announces Monday that it’s airing the men’s NCAA Division I basketball tournament through 2007. Every game of the tournament will be broadcast (or is it more accurate to say narrowcast?) over the next three years.

Then on Wednesday, word leaks that Universal Music Group wants to get in on the act, reportedly because it is frustrated with the virtual monopoly of MTV. The label is said to be talking to EchoStar about a TV music channel to be transmitted—via satellite, of course—through Dish Network and featuring its own artists, which range from Ashanti to U2.

And also on Wednesday, XM Satellite Radio says it has hired rap icon Snoop Dogg to host an original series, Welcome to Da Church, premiering on Friday. It will be broadcast on XM’s hip-hop channel, The Rhyme, and promises “90 minutes of uncensored, uncut and masterfully unpredictable radio.”

The end of media as we know it? It’s here.

—Posted by Celeste Ward