Yoplait Lite Spot Pulled Over Eating-Disorder Concerns

General Mills has pulled this Yoplait Lite commercial after the National Eating Disorders Association voiced concerns that it could upset folks struggling with such issues. In the spot, an office drone agonizes in an internal monologue over whether to eat a slice of raspberry cheesecake. Her resemblance to Sarah Palin is unsettling, and workplace productivity has clearly ground to halt. But I didn't really see the big deal. NEDA president Lynn Grefe explains: "This behavior in a commercial tells people with eating disorders, 'See, it's even on TV. It's OK and normal for my head to go through all these mental exercises.'" A rep for General Mills adds: "We aren't sure that everyone saw the ad that way, but if anyone did, that was not our intent and is cause for concern." People with eating disorders can be traumatized and driven to harmful action by what they think they see in the mirror, so it's no stretch to imagine them reacting badly to what goes on in a TV commercial. The client was probably wise to stick a fork in it.