This year’s desktop-computing blockbuster

I've been excited for this since the teaser came out, and hoping Jerry Seinfeld wasn't going to star in it. Now, Traffik and Microsoft have finally released the full trailer for the spy-themed Office 2010: The Movie. The plot? Our agent's partner, Clippy, is dead. The people responsible have released a new rogue font! It's up to our hero to find it. They've clearly been influenced by some sources, like CollegeHumor's font conference and the original spy-themed Windows 386 ad that had everyone singing, "I'm using Windows, Windows, Windows 386!" (at 2:19, Bond music at 6:16). But basically, I think it's awesome. Unfortunately, the Web site doesn't live up to the hype. If you ask me, Microsoft needs to fully commit to this concept if it's going to work. Do all the tutorials in action-movie style—it will actually make people want to watch them. Turning boring office work into the action movie we wish we were living is a big idea for those of us using Windows for eight hours at a stretch, disconnected from the effects of the data we crunch. So, go ahead and make that moronic video on how to run Text to Columns more entertaining. It's really the least you could do.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers