Yaz is sorry but I’m still not sure what about

When the young, attractive woman looked me candidly in the eye, I just knew she was about to tell me about birth control. There was a huge black banner that said "Yaz" at the bottom, for one thing.  But when she said "the FDA wants us to correct a few points," I did a spit take with my meatloaf sandwich. Yaz apparently reached a settlement back in February for two spots, "Balloons" and "Not Gonna Take It," in which Yaz made numerous claims that it treats symptoms commonly caused by PMS when it really treats PMDD. They also said it clears up acne, but it only clears up certain kinds of acne. So, Yaz agreed to spend $20 million on corrective advertising, and instead of spending it all in one big ad blast, they've strung it out, in an apparent effort do the most long-term damage to the brand. I do feel it's admirable for them to be so blunt, but the spot doesn't clear up anything for me. I've never heard of PMDD, and didn't know there was another kind of acne besides the annoying kind. On the other hand, it's the first b-control commercial I've paid attention to in years, and I did Google it seconds later, just to see how badly they were fined. That counts for something, right?

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers