Yankees still No. 1, even when they’re not

They have an excellent chance of missing the playoffs this year, but the New York Yankees continue to be tops as a baseball brand name. A Harris Poll, released this week, asked adults in the U.S. to pick their favorite big-league team. The Yankees topped the voting, as they have the past several years. The Mets ranked second, up from No. 5 last year and from No. 14 as recently as 2004. Filling out the top 10: the Braves, Cubs, Rex Sox, Cardinals, Tigers (up from a tie for 19th last year), Orioles, Astros and Mariners. Laboring under the disadvantage of residing in a different country, the Toronto Blue Jays came in last, just behind the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (who’d scarcely be missed if they resided on a different planet). 

—Posted by Mark Dolliver