Yahoo Taking Down Iconic S.F. Billboard After 12 Years

Give a sad yodel to a landmark ad

Here's a sign whose time has passed it by—Yahoo's retro-futuristic roadside-motel-style billboard that has graced the I-80's eastbound approach to the Bay Bridge for the last 12 years. "Yahoo says it will take the small piece of the San Francisco skyline down soon," says the San Jose Mercury News, "leaving not only a hole on the horizon, but a hole in the heart of the thousands of commuters who have connected with the sign like an old friend." In a corporate blog post about the billboard that never actually explains why the sign has to go, Yahoo refers to itself as "the premier digital media company." Ha ha! Good to see they haven't lost their sense of humor. Naturally, commenters draw parallels between the board's impending demise and Yahoo's own loss of relevance and struggle for survival, and some suggest Google or Twitter signage as fitting replacements. I think Michael Kors' racy new campaign would do nicely, its imagery giving new meaning to Yahoo's tagline, "Where the world checks in daily."