Yahoo!’s yodel. Worth more than $590.

The Yahoo! yodel is the yodel that keeps on giving. The company launched its own corporate blog last Thursday, and after holding a contest among its employees, decided to call it Yodel Anecdotal, which has a nice ring to it. Wylie Gustafson recorded the yodel in 1996, and it’s been used at the end of most Yahoo! TV spots ever since. Famously, Gustafson was paid only $590 for his work, and he later sued Yahoo! for copyright infringement, claiming he deserved residual royalties (like $5 million worth) for subsequent commercials. The two sides settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, which Gustafson said he was happy with. The first Yodel Anecdotal post, explaining the blog’s name, includes a link to the yodel—without the familiar guitar accompaniment. The name Yodel Anecdotal is better than some of the other finalists: Planet Yahoo!, Exclamation Point, Yahoo! DNA, Yahoo! Insideout, Yahoology and The 25th Letter.

—Posted by Tim Nudd