XO Mints Freshens Up Valentine’s Day With Catchy Ballad for Ugly People

A bit of love for everyone

Beauty is in the eye of the … um … sorry, I lost my train of thought. While I try to remember how that saying goes, enjoy "The Ugly Couple Song," a Valentine's Day music video by RPA for XO Mints.

Unlike Cartier's pretty posers, who pine for love, XO presents some hairy, less-than-hunky, socially awkward dudes who look like refugees from cover bands and sitcoms. (The guy with the curls resembles "College Ted" from How I Met Your Mother. He's even got the "spectacles"!) They lip-sync along with the titular ditty, a folky number performed by Run River North, about finding that certain special someone no matter how unattractive you are.

"She's got a heart that's bigger than her hair/She might never be a model, but who cares?/She's one cloud and some wings from being an angel/And who knows, we might make—something beautiful." (Aww … isn't that nice? #SomethingBeautiful is also the campaign's hashtag.)

Frankly, the guys aren't all that homely, and I expected a wacky payoff, like maybe they'd all marry each other. Instead, the clip stays minty sweet and low-key, gently poking fun at social stereotypes as it invites us to hum along.

Of course, fresh breath as a requirement for romance is also a stereotype. Still, it never hurts, and the brand's heart is clearly in the right place.

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