Xfinity’s Clever Prerolls Tell You How Much the Ensuing Videos Will Cost in Data Charges

So, switch to Xfinity Mobile and connect to WiFi hotspots instead

A clever new preroll campaign from Xfinity looks to help YouTube viewers cut their data bills—by warning them about how much the ensuing videos will cost to watch in data charges on their smartphones.

Called “Data in Dollars,” the six-second clips promote the cable company’s new Xfinity Mobile network, which lets users connect to WiFi hotspots around the country to avoid cellular data charges.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the campaign, zeroing in on popular YouTube genres and matching the ads to those categories. In one six-second bit, a woman putting on eyeliner is disgusted to discover the upcoming makeup tutorial could cost her up to $1.57.

Other gags are themed around sports highlights ($1.31), a gadget review ($1.06), a movie trailer ($.17) and a music video ($0.36). In all of them, an actor—a basketball player mid-dunk, a thief fleeing the cops, a rockstar mid lip-sync—does a spit take at the price tag before the main attraction starts rolling.

YouTube helped the agency calculate the data cost of the videos.

Overall, it’s a fun addition to the catalog of preroll-specific experiments from brands like Geico and Ikea. And for those audiences on other platforms like Snapchat, ads will show the cost of each post they watch or share.

All that’s missing is a cat balking at the cost of watching a cat video.

Client: Comcast
Title of Creative Work: Data in Dollars

SVP Brand Marketing and Communications: Peter Intermaggio
SVP Brand Marketing and Communications: Todd Arata
Vice President, Brand Marketing and Communications: Dustin Hayes
Director, Brand Marketing and Communications: Kristen Greco
Brand Manager, Brand Marketing and Communications: Kate Nicol

Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Partner: Jeff Goodby
Partner: Rich Silverstein
Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Creative Director: Jens Waernes
Creative Director: Jon Wolanske
Associate Creative Director: Felipe Lima
Associate Creative Director: Tristan Graham
Art Director: Ricardo Matos
Copywriter: Otto Pajunk

Executive Broadcast Producer: James Horner
Producer: Kateri McLucas

Account Services
Account Director: Lee Wilson, Shanley McClure
Account Manager: Tenaya Ende

Brand and Communication Strategy
Dep. Director Brand Strategy: James Thorpe
Brand Strategist: Lucas Goodbody
Communication Strategist: Alex Oztemel

Business Affairs
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Chrissy Shearer

Production Company
Production Company: Thinking Machine
Director: Docter Twins
Director of Photography: Christophe Lanzenberg
Executive Producer: Maria Faillace
Line Producer: Amber Ventris
Production Design: All Valley Yacht Club

Editor: Dan Aronin

Company name: Apache
Colorist: Shane Reed

Company name: ArsenalCreative
Executive Producer: Cortney Haile
Head of 2D/Lead Flame Artist: Chris Noellert
Producer: Kelsey Mays

Music Composer: Christian Moder

Sound Design and Mix
Company name: eLevel
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Animated Graphics
Company name: eLevel
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Motion Artist: Chad Ford
Executive Post Producer: John Dutton
Post Producer: Jack Whalen

Snapchat Animated Graphics
Company name: eLevel
Motion Artist: Jacob Pryor
Post Producer: Alison Plansky

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