X-Ray Specs App Lets You Undress Models in Clothing Catalog

Make Moosejaw's bulky outerwear disappear

Outdoor-clothing retailer Moosejaw is one of the few brands currently using augmented reality to its full potential—i.e., for soft-core porn. Specifically, the dirty, dirty minds at the company have come up with an app that lets you undress the models in the catalog using AR technology. You simply download your high-tech X-ray specs app for the iPad or other iDevices and use it to hover over the catalog like a creeper hovering over a sleeping child. Now, most clothing retailers already show their models half naked. So, I suppose Moosejaw isn't objectifying models any more than usual—they're just leveling the playing field by removing those bulky outer layers. I won't say the app is jaw-dropping, but it's way better than one of those naughty floaty pens. And really, did you even hear of Moosejaw before this post? Via Mashable.

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