The wrong kind of carrot

CarrottopAs if Florida hasn’t been hammered enough this year, what with hurricanes (and the resulting tomato shortage) and all those political ads. Now we hear that a consortium of central Florida business interests have enlisted alleged funnyman Carrot Top (whose real name is Scott Thompson—who knew?) to pitch their region as a hotbed for high-tech.

Mr. Top will appear in an ad on ABC during halftime of this year’s Capital One Bowl on New Year’s Day. The commercial, which the group calls “hilarious,” features the prop comic selling Orlando’s “advanced manufacturing, laser technology [and] computer modeling,” all while dressed in outfits ranging from a football uniform to a tutu. (You’ll be able to enjoy the spot over and over when it’s posted to the group’s Web site after the game.)

Of course, we would question the acumen of any business that were to pick a location based on the advice of a prop comic. And given Carrot Top’s base of college-age fans (which is apparently what led AT&T to foist him on us for all those stupid collect-call ads), we’re not sure exactly what businesses they’re trying to attract … unless Orlando is secretly feeling left out of that all-important spring-break business.

—Posted by Aaron Baar