Via writer finds meaning as Welch’s mascot

Donning a giant grape-jelly outfit and prancing around for the delight of strangers might seem to represent a serious nadir in your typical ad career path. Not so for Amos Goss, copywriter at Welch’s ad agency Via in Portland, Maine. For Goss, it’s been a journey of personal and professional enlightenment—or at least, unalloyed enthusiasm. Last fall, Goss showed up to a meeting with Welch’s marketing execs in his Welchy suit and personally showed off his wide array of dance moves. Impressed, or perhaps terrified, the client agreed to have Via shoot a whole dance segment with Goss as Welchy. The video, posted above, ended up playing all season long on the Jumbotron during Celtics games at the TD Banknorth Garden. (Kevin Garnett, it turns out, eats a lot of PB&J.) It proved so popular that Goss was invited to make a personal appearance at a game, where he cut a rug for the screaming hordes under a spotlight. Below is a video of Goss in full prep mode, his dedication proving once again that in advertising, you might look like a loser occasionally, but you don’t have to feel like one.
—Posted by Tim Nudd