Wouldn’t you rather have an ‘unreal’ car?


StrawberryFrog’s pan-European launch effort for the Chevrolet Aveo positions the vehicle as "a real car for real people." In this spot, the Aveo passes all kinds of wacky contraptions: a jet-powered truck, a hot rod, a missile-shaped car. The truth is, I would prefer to tool around in any one of those other cars, even if they don’t run properly. The Aveo just kind of seems lame by comparison. Even the song on the soundtrack, Petula Clark’s
’60s chestnut “Downtown,” makes that Aveo seem like my father’s—or even my grandfather’s—Chevrolet. Bottom line: You’ll get more jealous stares behind the wheel of a rocket-powered car, especially if it sets the neighborhood on fire.

—Posted by David Gianatasio