Would You Drink This Velveeta-Infused Martini?

The Veltini is a limited-time partnership with BLT Restaurant Group

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Kraft Heinz’s Velveeta kicked off a “La Dolce Velveeta” campaign in November 2021 as a pivot from packaged food product to lifestyle brand that continued with the launch of a pair of cheese-scented nail polishes in June. This month the brand is further trying to up its status by partnering with BLT Restaurant Group to serve Velveeta martinis.

Sold for $15 at select BLT locations including BLT Steak in Washington, D.C., BLT Prime in New York and The Florentine in Chicago, the limited-edition Veltini is made with Velveeta-infused vodka, olive brine and vermouth, garnished with a cheese drip, Velveeta-stuffed olives and jumbo Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

The drink is only served during “golden hour” from 5-8 p.m., a reference to the brand’s “liquid gold” tagline.

“As we look to summer, one of life’s greatest pleasures is enjoying summer sips during golden hour,” Velveeta senior brand communications manager Kelsey Rice said in a statement. “We wanted to find a way to elevate this experience for our fans even further by bringing the rich, creamy goodness of Velveeta to a martini in a unique and unexpected way for the ultimate outrageous pleasure.”


BLT ships steaks and cheeseburgers around the country via Goldbelly, and they’ll also be using the platform to mail a limited number of $50 Veltini kits containing two martini glasses, a gold cocktail shaker, two Velveeta coasters, a jar of olives, cocktail picks, a box of Velveeta Jumbo Shells & Cheese, Velveeta cheese sauce and a Velveeta brick—everything bold drinkers will need to infuse their own vodka, rim their glass with cheese and prepare the garnish.

“At BLT Restaurant Group, we are constantly looking to develop new and exciting experiences for our customers, so when Velveeta approached us with the concept to create the Velveeta Veltini, we were sold,” BLT Restaurant Group svp Scott Cronin said in a statement.

“We worked closely with the brand to make this vision a reality,” he added, “balancing the flavors of a typical martini with the nostalgic cheesy flavor we all know and love from Velveeta, and are excited for fans to experience this delicious over-the-top cocktail.”