Would You Climb Into a Coffin to Watch This Sci-Fi Film About Isolation?

Göteborg Film Festival will let you, but 'space is limited'

Your viewing coffin awaits. Göteborg Film Festival
Headshot of Shannon Miller

If the viral popularity of Netflix’s creepy interactive Black Mirror film Bandersnatch has shown us anything, it’s that there is plenty of room for cinema to explore more innovative, immersive audience experiences.
The Göteborg Film Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden seems to agree with the need to offer cinephiles something wholly new … though “plenty of room” doesn’t quite describe their newest endeavor. In fact, to say viewers will feel “cramped” would be a major understatement. For this year’s festival, participants will get the chance to view the film Aniara (from Swedish directors Pella Kagerman and Hugo Lilja) in the confines of an actual, custom-made sarcophagus.

In case you were wondering: yes, the word “sarcophagus” still means “coffin” these days. Festival-goers will have the chance to watch Anaira in a secluded coffin for what is being dubbed the world’s most claustrophobic cinema experience.
If that sounds isolating and downright terrifying, that’s the idea. The experience is meant to recreate the environment of the sci-fi film, which is inspired by Harry Martinson’s 1956 poem of the same name, where people fleeing the perils of climate change escape on a spacecraft. Over time, isolation, limited space and obsessive thoughts begin to take their toll in this anxiety-inducing story (note the trailer is mildly NSFW).

The idea might sound a little familiar to those who remember Fantastic Fest in 2010, where a select group of participants was given an opportunity to meet Buried star Ryan Reynolds if they were able to watch the whole film in a coffin.
The Göteborg Film Festival kicks off Jan. 27. Those interested in this eccentric experience can register with the festival’s site for a chance to purchase tickets—because much like sarcophagi, space is limited.
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