Would you buy a magazine from this guy?

Lenny “Nails” Dykstra, a key figure on the New York Mets 1986 championship team and a much more hard-nosed version of Johnny Damon in his playing days, is launching Players Club, a financial advice magazine aimed at ballplayers. “Players Club is about players helping players,” said Dykstra, clearly out to optimize online searches by repeating the keyword “players.” What’s more, “there’s $60 billion paid out to athletes every year in salaries, and nobody has cracked the market.” Dykstra collected upwards of $36 million in his pro career, and claims to have made even more since then, so he’s got lots of cash to blow. Who’d take money advice from a guy loopy enough to start a magazine nowadays? Those millionaire jocks already know the guy who can score them more ka-ching: Scott Boras. Damon made $13 million hitting .270 last season; the least he can do is buy a subscription. UPDATE: Is “nails” slang for steroids? Lenny could have some attorney fees in store.

—Posted by David Gianatasio