The worst video-game ads you’ll ever see

The folks at have done us all a favor and selected the worst print ads that have run in their print publication, Electronic Gaming Monthly, over the past few decades—in their words, “the absolute cream of the crap.” The first two installments focus on ads from the late ’80s and the ’90s, and there really are some stinkers. The commentary is inspired, too. Of this Solstice ad, they write, “A lot of us probably forgot the magical fluorescent naked bodybuilding hobo fad of 1989, but for a while they were everywhere, and if you weren’t in on it you just weren’t cool.” Their latest project identifies bad ads that ran in their sister publication, Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, formerly Computer Gaming World magazine, in the late ’90s. Be prepared for quite a lot of seemingly purposely ripped and bleach-stained jeans and women who are chained up for no obvious reason.

—Posted by Kamau High