World's Highest Water Slide Has a Crazy Long Ad to Match

It's not called Insano for nothing

Beach Park, a water park in Brazil, has the highest water slide in the world—an insane 14-story-tall structure called, appropriately enough, Insano. The fearless riders on Insano reach speeds of 65 miles an hour before slamming into a pool at the bottom. It's scary just watching video of people going down this thing. Fittingly, the ride has been promoted with a pretty insano advertisement, too. Digital agency Pmweb sent out a neat e-mail, designed to give you the feeling of flying down the horrifying contraption. Check it out after the jump. Grab the scroll bar and pull down for best effect. (Another long ad that's worth checking out—BMW's text-heavy banner ad that's 18,000 pixels high, and not a bad read.)