This World Series, you’ll actually get a taco

Taco_bell_ad In past years, Taco Bell’s World Series promotions have been mostly for show. The chain promises everyone in America a free taco if a batter happens to hit some small target—in the stands, in McCovey Cove—with the baseball. The odds are always pretty low (though gargantuan compared to the odds of the falling Mir Space Station hitting a 75-by-75-foot target in the Pacific, which was another high-profile Taco Bell stunt). This year, though, Taco Bell has changed course and made it absurdly easy for everyone to get a free taco. All that has to happen is that someone has to steal a base. Any player, any base, any game. It’s all but guaranteed, judging by history. And it would seem financially foolish for the fast-food chain. But maybe it’s not. At least one egghead has run the numbers and declared it a brilliant idea. UPDATE: It appears there were no stolen bases in Game 1. UPDATE: Jacoby Ellsbury stole second in the 4th inning of Game 2. Pick up your taco on Tuesday, Oct. 30, between 2 and 5 p.m.

—Posted by Tim Nudd