Is the world ready for Kilmer’s Own?

The December/January issue of BlackBook allegedly has a story in which Val Kilmer says he wants to start a line of organic foods that would make fun of Newman’s Own, with the profits going to what could be called the Kilmer Family Foundation. Says Kilmer, possibly tongue-in-cheek, “It will all be 100 percent organic, 100 percent profit. Here’s why: I like my GTO convertible. And if you’ve got a vintage car, you’ve got upkeep. I have two gorgeous children. My son’s school costs more per year than my four years at Juilliard, plus rent and airfare back and forth.” Of course, we found the tip on Radar’s blog, which also informed the world erroneously that Justin Long would not be appearing anymore in Mac ads. Still, if Kilmer would do such a thing, there would be a certain honesty about it, since the vast majority of celebrity side ventures do the same thing for the family bank account that Kilmer’s business would do.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor