World needs a hero. It might as well be you.

Mullen casts average Joes and Janes as superhero-like masters of their own
financial futures — spandex, capes and all — in new spots for LendingTree. "Out of this corporate chaos a new hero will arise…" Adam West
breathlessly intones on the voiceover before hitting a dramatic pause that
would make William Shatner proud, concluding: "you."
(Check out two more spots here and here.) The campaign's message of personal empowerment should resonate in these
troubled times; after all, in the era of corporate bailouts and Bernie
Madoff, many banks, investment houses and lending firms come off looking
more villainous than the Joker, Riddler and Penguin combined. Plus, the woman in the "You" spot featured above is pretty hot, though less so than her obvious costumed inspiration, Batgirl Yvonne Craig.
Yes, those were the days of true style, like when West showed us how to do the Batusi in 1966 with future Bond Girl Jill St. John. Let's see your everday financial superhero do that.

Posted by David Gianatasio